about us.

Smallstep is a creative-led studio founded by Remy Chanfreau, Robert Hanses & Lucas Swertloff. From early writing & development to conception & production, all the way to posting, we use our knowledge of the animation industry combined with our social media skills to help  high profile companies bring their identity to life.

meet the team

Remy Chanfreau

Co-founder, CEO & Art Director

After animation studies in Paris, France, Remy worked multiple years as a freelance artist as well as in-house. He lived all around the globe and is currently in Tokyo, Japan. Character design, location designer, art director, animator he’s a passionate multi-tool. Some of his clients include Disney, Nickelodeon, Supercell and more.

Robert Hanses

Co-founder, CCO & Animation Director

Following a childhood fascination of animation, Robert studied both stop motion and 2D animation. After many years of perfecting his skills, he set his sights on connecting with a global online audience: the character of Rabbert was born. Two years later, with a following of more than 9 million, Rabbert is racking up 1+Billion views across platforms such as TikTok and Youtube.

Lucas Swertloff

Co-founder, VP of Business Development & Producer

Based in NYC, Lucas has 10+ years in the financial services industry and 5+ years in the entertainment/multimedia space. With experience leading global teams and large scale campaigns, he works closely with internal & external stakeholders to maximize efficiency while driving high quality value for all parties involved. As an animation enthusiast, he continues to be an advocate for creatives to push their stories and develop incredible original content.

animated content, build for social media.

made for the web.

We value genuine storytelling that connects deeply & directly with the audience’s emotions. Using our combined knowledge of the “traditional” animation industry as a springboard, we dive into online: content that engages users within seconds, and tells a complete story in minutes - all while especially crafted to to be enjoyed on a palm sized screen. We’re on the frontline of what’s now, while pioneering on what’s next. We’re here to transform your video-game IP, brand product and wildest dreams into likes, laughs, and art fit for the the modern day consumer.

we are genuine.

We’ve discovered how to make content that mirrors the audiences’s own humanity, resulting in instant (and true) connection. We focus on elevating the seemingly manufactured art form of animation into a genuinely human experience. Our scripts are designed to be spark of inspiration, a warm blanket, a bubbling laugh. Our voice acting comes from real, everyday people. Our animation style adds to, not distracts from, the story. Our characters express emotions rarely seen when scrolling, providing a full spectrum of the human experience. In the end, our work isn’t work. It’s a reflection of you.

craft is our passion.

The creator in us sees and values the creator in you. That’s why it’s important to us to give artists the space and tools to make your greatest visions a reality. Smallstep focuses on expertly balancing the the vision of the designer with the request of the client, resulting in greater creative expression and more successful content and outreach. Conceived and run by artists, we simplify the content pipeline by putting the power behind the pen. You imagine, we build worlds. It’s a win win.

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